Police Officials Are Not Telling The Truth.

A Clear Truthful Explanation!

Since establishing the first police department in New York City in 1844, reports of police misconduct and systemic corruption have abounded. These reports of misconduct are still with us in 2023. Yet the sole responsibility for monitoring and purging rogue officers has remained within the confines of these very departments. Indeed, what has emerged within United States police departments is a mode of self-policing in which secrecy, conflict of interest, and partiality have taken hold. This state of affairs has resulted in departments entrenched in corruption, an unprecedented spike in police misconduct, innocent citizens being harmed, the careers of honest police officers being tarnished or destroyed, increased crime, reduced public confidence, and wasted precious financial resources.

 E-Book: Understanding Systemic Police Corruption

The False Assumption Of Honesty.

Upper management or high-ranking police supervisors control each police department. The general public assumes these police officials are honest, qualified, conscientious, and dedicated public servants. Unfortunately, these assumptions were reached without having sufficient detailed information about the police official’s record or information confirming that the new police official could detect and stop police corruption in their previous position in the police chain of command. The general public further assumes, again without access to privy information, that high-ranking police officials are not racist, sexist, or involved in corruption. All peers of the police official sing the same refrain of praise for a dedicated public servant with decades of police experience. This orgy of accolades spoken by police peers is designed as an inflection of the truth that makes the police official palatable to the public. I say yes to that statement!
It is extremely rare for a police officer to reach the upper tier of police supervisors if that officer exposes police corruption. Officers who expose police corruption have a truncated career. The significant actors involved in destroying the careers of whistle-blower police officers are upper management supervisors. These corrupt supervisors manipulate, by unlawful means, the almost secret police internal disciplinary system to purge whistle-blower police officers from the police department. One of the primary goals of a police department is to maintain a mythological good and wholesome image. Public exposure to the police department’s consistent corruption will tarnish that image and demonstrate the police department’s hypocrisy. Exposure to the truth will cause an increased lack of public trust in law enforcement. Therefore high-ranking police officials circle the wagons around police whistle-blowers and end their careers. Unfortunately, the documents that prove these allegations are generally hidden from public view. However, this website and the soon-to-be-released book ‘Understanding Systemic Police Corruption” provides info that will allow access to documentary evidence and investigative reports that prove the allegations cited here.

Encourage Discussion

Ordinary citizens working together can initiate the crucial changes necessary to drastically reduce police corruption. However, the public must have truthful information about the internal operations of police departments. Truthful information will reveal the depth of the problems and is the catalyst for meaningful, productive discussions. The outcome of such talks can create real and lasting solutions to the national problem of police corruption.